Statutes Nordic Motorsport Council

§ 1 Aim

NMC shall promote Nordic cooperation within motorcycle and snowmobile sport and the other areas that the FIM and UEM have the responsibility for.

NMC will promote Nordic values and work for a fair sport free of drug abuse. Environment, safety and equal rights between men and women shall be central issues for the NMC.

NMC shall promote openness and good democratic solutions within International Sport Policy.


§ 2 Organization

NMC shall be an organization for cooperation between the following National Federations in the Nordic area:

Danmarks Motor Union (DMU), Denmark
Motorhjola og Velsleoasamband Islands (MSI), Iceland
Norges Motorsportforbund (NMF), Norway
Suomen Moottoriliitto r.y. (SML), Finland
Svenska Motorcykel- och Snöskoterförbundet (SVEMO), Sweden

The National Federation within NMC shall be members of the FIM and UEM. They shall preferably also be members of their respective National Associations for Sports and Olympic Committees.

NMC shall follow the regulations for the FIM and UEM, and the principles in the legislation for the Nordic National Associations for Sport and Olympic Committees.

NMC is an affiliated member of the UEM as a Regional Motorsports Association.


§ 3 Tasks

NMC shall prepare for Nordic championships in Motorcycle Sports. NMC shall also prepare for close cooperation between the Nordic countries for recruiting young people to the Motorcycle Sport.

NMC shall bee an organization for Sport Political cooperation between the Nordic Motorcycle and snowmobile Sport Federations.

The cooperation between the Nordic Countries shall primarily be systemised through the Nordic Meetings held every year.

NMC shall coordinate and organize international FIM and UEM seminars in the Nordic countries.


§ 4 Membership

National Federations that fulfils the demands given in § 2, can be Members of NMC.

The General Assembly of NMC decide which Federations that can become Members. There can only be one National body representing a country in the NMC.

§ 5 Chairmanship – Administrative responsibility
The chairmanship of the NMC circulates between the Nordic Member Countries.

Administrative responsibility for the NMC follows the Chairmanship. This means that the Nordic National Federation responsible for organizing and hosting the next Nordic Meeting shall held the Secretariat for NMC until they the following year held the Nordic Meeting in their own Country.

At the end of the annual Nordic Meeting the chairmanship will be handed over from the hosting chairman to the new chairman.

Contracts signed on behalf of the NMC shall be approved by all federations.


§ 6 Economy – Membership Fee

NMC shall not have their own Economy, Budget or Membership Fee. Costs for Membership in International Organizations shall be covered by the National Nordic Federation that held the Chairmanship at any time. The National Member federations of the NMC shall cover their own costs when they take part in General Assembly, Nordic Meeting or at other occasions.


§ 7 International Representation

The National Nordic Federation that held the Chairmanship at any time shall represent NMC internationally and carry the costs for this.


§ 8 Nordic Meeting

The highest Authority of the NMC is the Nordic Meeting which shall be held every year within October. Nordic Meeting shall preferably be held three weeks before the Congress or Biennial Session in the FIM.


Invitation to the Nordic Meeting must be sent 4 weeks before it takes place, at the latest. Documents must be sent out 2 weeks before it takes place, at the latest.

The NMC Nordic Meeting consists of a Main Meeting where Presidents and Secretary Generals represent their National federations and separate Sport discipline Meetings.

Nordic Sport discipline Meeting shall be held for disciplines in connection with the Main Nordic Meeting every year.

If special circumstances make it impossible for a discipline to meet, the NMC Board can decide that a discipline meeting can be held at another time.

The Nordic Motorcycle Sport discipline Meetings shall make a plan for Nordic competitions and cooperation activities within Motorcycle sport for every season. Preliminary calendars, regulations and plans for accomplishment, according to the FIM and UEM regulations, shall be set. The Nordic calendar must be adapted to the FIM and UEM calendars.

The Nordic Motorcycle Sport discipline Meetings and the Nordic Main Meeting shall also discuss and approve a long term plan and a long term preliminary calendar for a period of 4 years.

Decisions taken by the Nordic Motorcycle Sport Discipline Meetings and Minutes must be approved by the Nordic Main Meeting.

The Nordic Main Meeting shall seek to obtain a platform for a common Nordic Sport Policy, and co-ordinate the Nordic Political representation in all parts of the FIM and UEM. NMC can nevertheless not instruct the Nordic National Federations in their voting in International Sport Political organs.

The Nordic Meeting can also cover non sporting activities.


§ 9 Board

The Board of NMC consists of Presidents and Secretary Generals from the National Federations members of the NMC.

If it is considered as necessary board meetings can be held in the period between the Nordic Meetings.

The statutes adopted at the Nordic Meeting in Copenhagen 30 September and 1 October 2006.

Modified at the Nordic Meeting in Oslo/Gardermoen 11 – 12 October 2008. Modified at the Nordic Meeting in Stockholm 3 – 4 October 2009. 

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